Huge size!

Full color screens between 12 and 20 sqm broadcasts commercials in full graphics, movies or text.


They are ideal to advertise special offers, new products, promotions or events.


Each spot have standard length of 10 seconds repeating every 3 minutes, but this can be adapted to your needs.

About Us

Boulevard Media

Boulevard is a new and dynamic company that aims to revolutionize Outdoor market in Romania. We propose that the main activity promoting companies through the latest techniques for Outdoor display. The technique used is of the highest quality using American technology and is aimed at CREE, to satisfy the most riguraose standards of clarity and fidelity. We offer you the best solution for advertising system that will revolutionize the market of Outdoor Advertising Media. Completely adapted to the new business environment, LED panels placed in strategic areas of the city gives a new dimension to your advertising. Consumers have become the usual ignorant stadale classic, panels and our products offers exactly what was missing. A new and exciting way to capture attention. Either pedestrians or leaders, led panels with brightness and sharpness regardless of time of day offers the optimal solution for your company promotion. Customer demands have increased, and that's why we add value to your business by aligning your strategy of marketing and advertising with optimal cost at the highest standards.


Advantages Of LED Panels

LED screens represent the future of the advertising industry's already present
Full color screen over 12 mp broadcast commercials in the form of animated graphics or text
Maximum Visual Impact on the time of day or night
Real-time update of commercials
Job mobility depending on the period
Thanks to the latest technology, image sharpness will keep even in sunlight
Billboards LED SCREEN provides an attractive environment and effective advertising
They are ideal to advertise specials, the introduction of new products, promotions and events
Electronic video screens are considered to be the newest and most reliable outdoor advertising media
Great quality and a dynamic image
Flexibility and speed in carrying out the advertising campaign
Without additional costs.